World Issues

The point? If we are still taking sides now, it’s already too late.

Rapture by Steve Jervetson Creative Commons

The fact that none of us…neither side could not collectively put down the gauntlet long enough. Because even if there is a vehicle off this planet, the odds of us getting a seat is slim to none. The lobbyists and the celebrities and the Rachel Maddows and Clintons and Trumps…

Horror Movie Review

No, not THAT one

Image: Spiral from IMDB

Spiral (2019) is a horror movie about Aaron, Kendrick, and their daughter when they move into a spacious house in a smalltown.

Kendrick begins to experience bizarre incidents, such as weird old guys staring at him like he’s a 175 lb upright walking fish and someone…

Tom McLaughlin

Writer, editor, publisher (Dark Verse, Atheist AF on Medium and ebooks); aka Vulture Writer

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